Fix Your Golf Slice within Minutes! Instantly!

"The Dave Way" is now FREE!!!

This website is now over a decade old.
And now after helping literally Thousands of golfers cure their slice,
and charging for my ebook...
which folks gladly paid for (look at the unsolicited emails below I have received over the years)
I have finally decided to make "The Dave Way" system 100% free.
No strings attached, no email signup, no requirements, nothing.

I really don't have time anymore to maintain the website, newsletter, etc.
So you will see the links on the left side of this page
which will go through the "Instant Golf Slice Cure" system.

The only thing I ask is that you first read the original website below.
For a couple reasons...
To see that this product is not some fly-by-night scam.
IT WILL cure your slice if you follow the drills and tips.
Read the testimonials on the site, they are all totally legit.
and #2
I want you to get pumped up! If you have dealt with a golf slice for a while,
or one just started popping up, you know it is super frustrating.
And now you have the chance to use one of the best training guides
on the internet for correcting your golf slice after 1 night to the range.

Sorry for the very basic website.
I am not some website coder guy,
so I just threw this together without spending a dime. :)

Just FYI, I am not maintaining a newsletter any longer
and won't necessarily be ultra responsive to emails.

So read my original website below,
and after that...
Please start from the beginning of the book
(Start Here link on the left or at the bottom of this page below)...
and then have a great time curing your slice!

Thanks to everyone that helped make the book such a success over the years!


Instant Golf Slice Cure

"What's The Secret To Curing a Golf Slice
       When Nothing Up To This Point Has Worked For You?"

... Are you tired of dealing with a nasty slice when you go out to play a round with your friends, family, or co-workers ? Not to mention the embarrassment ?

... Do you ask yourself after a bad round "Why am I even golfing at all" ?

... Have you tried all the latest training aid's only to find that your Golf Slice cannot be stopped by some gizmo you just spent 200 bucks on ?

... Have you gone to the range and somehow you miraculously started to hit straight golf shots, saying to yourself... "I think I got it, I think I got it!" ... then when you hit the course your score card still looked horrible ?

... Or are you the type of golfer that wants to get better, spending countless dollars on lessons and expensive clubs, but nothing seems to put a dent in your Golf Slice ?

Well, I have some Good News and I have some Bad News:

Here's the BAD NEWS.

  • Most golfers that play with an awful golf slice go on for years feeling miserable, yet they do nothing about it.

  • Playing golf round after round with a bad swing makes the game joyless.
  •  It's almost like dumping money in the trash when you play golf with a slice. Tons of wasted rounds that could have been so satisfying. And each round is costing you $30, $40, $80 bucks!

  • A golf slice can only get worse if you let it go unattended! And you may aggravate your slice if you try to fix it on your own... which could lead you to give up the game altogether.
But here's the GREAT NEWS!

  • You love playing golf or you wouldn't be here at this website.
  • If you could hit the ball straight, you would have many years of tremendous golf shots in your future.
  • If you do something about your swing right now, then not only can you avoid wasting more Time, Effort, and Money on repairing or playing with your golf slice...  you can be on your way to having fun when you play and shooting LOW scores!
  • And the best news of all... there is a golf swing guide out there that can eliminate your slice, and change your life... allowing you to feel satisfied and fulfilled after a round of golf!

 "The Dave Way" is a simple, concise, step-by-step method to Curing a Golf Slice within Minutes!

If a Slice has been killing your Golf scores,
"The Dave Way"
(in combination with ONE visit to the range) is going to obliterate, cure, and fix your Slice! We Guarantee it!

There is NO Easier Way to shoot LOWER SCORES Faster!


"The Dave Way"

Easy to Learn Steps
Simple Practice Drills
Straight Drives!
Explosive Distance!



Here is a totally Unsolicited email received
about this Incredible System:

Re: Sick of Wicked Slice.


I have three golf outings coming up in the next few weeks and I'm so sick of having a wicked slice.  I've taken lessons.  I've read books.  I've read magazines. I've searched online.   So this morning, I decided to scour the web one last time and your site came up.  I read through it.  I was thinking "I'm not spending one more dollar on my golf game".  A few minutes later I was downloading your guide.

I read it, and it made sense... your drills were different than any I have ever tried, so I figured 'what the heck'.  I wrote them down, and went out back and tried a couple of swings - and it felt different.  A good different.  So I packed up my bag and went to the driving range.

I went through your drills again and put them all together.

I had a major problem - I couldn't find where my balls where going.  I'd hit them and couldn't find them.  They just - vanished.  Finally I put on my sunglasses to help with the glare and I really tried to follow the ball.  I immediately found out why I wasn't finding my balls.  I ALWAYS look to the right side of range and watch my shots fall out of the sky.  However, now my shots were going dead center.  I could even hit them to the left side of the range, or back to the right if I wanted.

I stopped everything - went to get a drink - and sat down for awhile.  I've had a string of lucky shots before, so I thought this was another such string.  I came back and started swinging.  I even switched clubs a bunch of times.  I now can drive the ball straight.  I can't believe it.  I'm still in shock.

Thanks very much for creating this program - reading your guide about "My Little Demon" was like reading my own biography.  I am quite a skeptic with cure-all fixes - however, yours is just amazing.

Thanks again!
Matthew F.
 - Willowville, OH

It is surprising to me that.... golfers continue to spend huge sums of money on fancy golf training aids and expensive lessons to recreate their golf swing.

If you bought the latest training gadgets all through the year you would have to make Pro Golfer sums of money to support your habit.

And lessons aren't cheap either!

Fifty to a hundred bucks an hour, for some pro to take your swing, break it down and mold it into some swing you will never achieve...
         of course you might achieve it after 3-5 years with the same coach.

Absolutely Ridiculous!

Why spend 1000's of dollars on golf lessons that focus on changing everything your comfortable with doing - from stance to grip to posture... EVERYTHING!!

"The Dave Way" doesn't focus on changing your entire swing.

We give you 4 easy steps you can add to your existing swing in one visit to the range.

These steps work with your current grip, stance, and posture so there is no adjustment period.

You see unbelievable results INSTANTANEOUSLY... within MINUTES!

Another Unsolicited email received about "The Dave Way"...
I really like this one:

Subject: What a difference!


I just wanted to say thanks!!! I purchased your instructional this morning around 8 AM. I finally made it to the range around 1, and by 1:30 I was hitting the ball farther and straighter than ever before.

I play with a group of guys every Thursday and they're always ribbing me about my driving. I've always used a 3 iron off the tee. I've heard all the names, Sally, Whimp... need I go on. Well the only one who knows I bought this is my girlfriend.

All I can say is that I can't wait to hear what they have to say Thursday when
I break out the driver and put it down the middle.

Thanks again,
Chad C.
 - New Hartford, NY

PS. I forgot to mention that I have been playing with a slice since I started when I was 13 years old, now I'm 32. And you corrected 19 years of bad habits in less than 1/2 hour.


And another Unsolicited email received about "The Dave Way":


I have to tell you my story.  It may be quite pre-mature, but it's worth telling.  I'll keep it short.

I'm 29 and I've been playing golf since I was about 18 or so.  My dad is a consistent golfer - usually shoots in the mid to high 80's.  He's taught me most of what I know, which isn't really that much.

I haven't ever been that consistent, or accurate, of a golfer. I always have those 2 or 3 good holes, which keeps me playing.  Well I went out and finally bought myself one of those great pricey drivers, thinking this was going to help me.  I just bought it last week, because tomorrow is our family reunion golf tournament.  I took the driver to the range this past week, then played a round of golf.  It was the worst round I've played in years.  My slice was atrocious.  

So here I am panicking.  I found myself on the internet yesterday looking for some tips to fix my slice.  I came across your site.  Just so you know, I am one of the biggest skeptics when it comes to buying things such as secret tips and so forth over the internet.  But I like what you had to say on your site, so I figured I had nothing to lose.  I downloaded your book and thought it made pretty good sense.  I made my way out to the range today for some last minute practice before the big tournament.

I have to tell you.  After 4 drives, I was drawing the ball just like you said.  I practiced all three drills, and found myself drawing the ball on demand, and off demand... hey, no more slice!  I let the steam out a few times, and although I'm not quite ready to give it all I got, several of my drives were some of the best of my life.  I am truly amazed.  If only someone had told me about the <Edited: Partial "The Dave Way" Content> 10 years ago!

Now I know I'm speaking too early, but I must say that so far, this is the best 47 bucks I've spent on golf (I've never had a real lesson). Hopefully, I'll go out and do well on the course tomorrow.

Take care.

Matt B. - Leesburg, VA

Well... Matt thought he was speaking too early,
but I received this email just a day later!


We had our little family reunion golf tournament today.  I shot a 93 - my best round in at least 2 years.  And that's with only 1 trip to the range to practice your drills!  

That score could have easily been in the 80's, had I concentrated a bit more on several occasions.  It wasn't perfect, but compared to my past two year average of about 100-105, I'm pumped!

The craziest thing is that I had some of the prettiest shots of the day out of the group. I couldn't believe that I was intentionally drawing the ball on dog-leg-lefts! I had so much fun.  I stuck to the three main tips all day.

I can't wait to hit the range again and continue to keep fine tuning my swing with these tips.  So far, everything you have said in your book and in your email tips have all worked out better than I would have ever thought.

Thanks again man - you are great.
Take care,

Matt B. - Leesburg, VA

Here's what you will learn with
"The Dave Way"

bullet How to keep your drives in the short grass. Step-by-step, "The Dave Way" guides your swing into producing perfectly straight golf drives.
bullet How to pinpoint the cause or your slicing woes."The Dave Way" explains why you are slicing and educates you on 3 common flaws most golfers have that contribute to their slice and how to defeat these flaws.
bullet How to drop strokes fast and easy. "The Dave Way" grants you the knowledge to begin shaving your handicap right away. The system includes a scoring matrix which helps you keep track of your success.
bullet How to become a fearless golfer. Through the 4 steps and 4 drills, "The Dave Way" converts tension into confidence when you setup to the golf ball.
bullet How to make your drives a mindless act. After you spend a bucket of balls practicing "The Dave Way" drills you will call the tee box your home away from home!
bullet How to turn golf frustration into fun. "The Dave Way" will not only will fix your golf slice, it will give you a more complete outlook on the game. It will license you to own the round, instead of the round owning you.

Here's another Unsolicited email.

Subject: What a bucket of balls!

After reading your book last night, I hit the best bucket of golf balls in my life today.

I am a 49 year old 20 handicapper who was convinced I was just a few pointers away from hitting great tee shots. The Dave Way delivered as promised.

I bought the big bucket, thinking I might have some serious drill time ahead of me. Fortunately, most of the elements of my swing are pretty sound, so I was able to go right into swinging away, concentrating on three things:<Edited: Partial "The Dave Way" Content>, <Edited: Partial "The Dave Way" Content>, and <Edited: Partial "The Dave Way" Content>. I had no problem with adding<Edited: Partial "The Dave Way" Content>.

The first ball was a 250 yard bomb, perfectly straight. The twentieth was the same. I don't know how many balls bounced into the woods, and at the driving range that can be a good thing.

I was drawing the ball easily, something I never do. Even when I started to tire
(after 30 or so bombs) the ball never sliced. I had already hit more beautiful drives than I ever had, and still had 50 or 60 balls left!

I walked out of that driving range feeling like a different golfer. I feel like I really understand my golf swing much better now. Thanks a million!
Your tips were worth every penny!

A disciple for life,

Charles B. - Charlotte Hall, Maryland

Here's an update Charles sent me about 3 weeks later.

Subject: my best round ever!!

Had to write and tell you that I shot 80 today. I actually three putted three of the last four holes to shoot 80 .

That's how well I was striking the ball . That's an improvement of at least 10 strokes from my average score. Your tips have been an invaluable asset to me this year. I am getting off the tee much better, thanks to "The Dave Way".

As they say on the TV,
"You Da Man!!!"

Charles B. - Charlotte Hall, Maryland

slice driver These steps are not some cheap tricks you might find surfing on the internet.

The 4 steps and 4 drills that make up "The Dave Way" are designed to be so simple to learn that they will be incorporated into your swing within ONE visit to the range.

Yet the steps are so Powerful that you will see an instant improvement in the Distance and Accuracy of your drives within MINUTES!

Here are the Goals you will Achieve with
"The Dave Way"


Not only will "The Dave Way" enable you to cure your golf slice, but it will also teach you how to apply your new swing so that you can grasp those low scores you've always wanted.


After "The Dave Way" is done straightening out your slice the average gain in drive distance is over 30 yards. Of course your mileage may vary, but our tests have shown this type of production is extremely common.


What a luxury it is to be able to hit your drives down the middle and your approach shots on the green. "The Dave Way" will empower you to carbon copy your straight shots, over and over and over... turning you into one solid golfer. Pars will be a formality!


What an awesome feeling it is to be able to compete, or better yet, be the best golfer in your group. The amount of confidence that is obtained by mastering "The Dave Way" can't be matched by any other golf instruction or training aid out there.

Another Unsolicited email received about "The Dave Way"
These just keep coming, are you getting the point yet???
This system works!

Subject: Great Results!

I've only been playing golf for about 4 years, but each year my slice seemed to be getting worse. Like you said in the beginning of your book, fun is one of the reasons to play golf and I was on the verge of giving it up because it was more frustrating than fun.

I read books, stepped through numerous "how to" websites, bought videos. But nothing seemed to help.

I'm 48 years old and figured you just can't teach an old dog new tricks. It was after a really embarrassing round of golf that I went on line to once again try and find a cure for my slice when I ran into your website. I figured I spent more on these last 18 holes than I will on this book, so what the heck.

I read your book the same night and it sounded too easy, but I figured I'd give it a try. Well, after only one bucket of balls at the range, I went out the next day and played the best game I've had ever. Just that feeling of walking off the tee to a ball smack dab in the middle of the fairway was worth the $47 already!

I can't wait to put in more practice time so I can get to that 4th step! The results were amazing. Nothing has helped so easily and so quickly.

Thanks Dave. You've definitely put the fun back into the game and I can't wait to get in another round!
John N. - Pleasant Hill, California

I know you are probably saying to yourself -
"This Guy must be paying these people to say these things."
But guess what... I'm not!
I didn't know these folks at all before their emails to me
about "The Dave Way" curing their golf slice.

Almost all the emails I receive sound the same:
1. They were skeptical about a "Quick Fix"
2. They read the book and thought "It can't be that easy".
3. They go to the range and smash the ball straight.
4. They go play a round and it's the lowest round they have ever played.
5. They email me and say "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!".

By the way... to those that have written me about fixing their slice,
just because I say "they all sound the same"...
doesn't mean I don't love hearing from you.

Here is another... totally Unsolicited.

Re: Dreaded Banana Slice.


This is my third year of golf. I didn't get a slice until the beginning of my second year, last year. Well, all last season and the first half of this year I've been plagued with the dreaded banana slice any time I pulled out my woods or my driver.  I have tried a lot of things to fix my slice. I didn't think your e-book would help me really. But I felt I had nothing to lose by trying.

Well, my last three full rounds I averaged 94 for 18 holes before getting your ebook. Then I got your book and read it all the way through because I was desperate. The last 3 times I played nine holes things started coming together. This was all last week. I had a round of 45, 44, and 41.  Then I played 18 and shot an 86!  My first time breaking 90 and it seemed effortless. My slice appeared a couple of times but I think I have finally conquered that monster.

I don't use a driver off the tee. I use my 3 wood and my average went from 140 with the slice to 220 yards. I had one tee shot that went 270 yards on a downhill dogleg to the left leaving me a sand wedge to the green which I pared. There's a 509 yard par 5 on a course near my house that I always shoot double bogey on that I pared two days in a row!

All I got to say is, thanks a lot. I know everyone says to practice your short game if you want to shave a lot of strokes. But when you're playing out of the trees all the time you give up a lot of extra strokes because I tended to take risky shots out of the trees to advance the ball.

Well, your system shaved 8 strokes off my rounds in 30 days time. When you make a video I want one! Thanks a lot. Golf is now fun.  My friends can't believe the improvement I've made in such a short period of time.

Bob R. - Portland, OR

And another totally Unsolicited email.

Re: boomerang slice.

I have only been golfing for a few years and have developed a wicked banana or boomerang slice.  I have tried to fix it on my own and was getting frustrated with the inconsistency.  By the end of a bucket of balls I'd find myself hitting straight or somewhat near it, get on the course and wham! -- banana ball.

I felt I had a good swing and usually out-drove everyone when I'd hit it, but 1 or 2 hit fairways a round was getting me down.

I went out and bought a brand new Driver and I had a golf outing coming up with a bunch of guys I don't know.  I didn't want to get up there with this big fancy driver and smack it into the woods every time.

Admittedly I was skeptical at first but after downloading your tips and 1 trip to the range, it friggin' worked!  I actually have a bit of a draw now if anything and can't believe haw easy it was.

I also can't believe how much it showed me I could do with a swing and manipulating ball flight.  I can't wait to hone my new swing and actually intentionally draw a ball.

Thanks again,
Mark M. - South Saint Paul, Minnesota

Here's another good one... totally Unsolicited.

Subject: Thanks

Dave -

A few weeks ago I purchased "The Dave Way" and have been incorporating the tips in my golf swing. I have been hitting the driving range about three times a week and have noticed great improvements in my distance and accuracy. Last week I scored a 39 on the front nine of my local golf course and finished below 90 for the first time in my life. Thank you for the easy approach to improving my golf game. Next week I am heading to Vegas and I plan on taking some money from my brothers.

As mentioned, I have been going to the driving range frequently. This has caught the attention of the "golf professional" that operates the range and (oddly enough) also provides lessons for a fee. Today, he offered me some un-solicited advice "show three knuckles with your left hand, the club face is open on your back swing, and your hips are going crazy" were his recommendations. Being the polite (but foolish) person that I am I tried to incorporate his tips in my swing. The result was terrible. I was thinking so much during my back swing that I sliced the ball worse then I ever have in my life. After watching 5 balls go 100 yards left of my target line (I'm left-handed) he left me alone and his parting words were "it's a fun game isn't it".

After his "tips" I took a break and regained my composure and focused back on tips 1, 2, and 3 of the Dave Way and started to hit the ball along my target line. I finished my bucket and walked out through the clubhouse. The "golf professional" said "see I helped you out, after you listened to me you started hitting it straight". I walked out wondering if I could plead temporary insanity at the trial. Don't worry, he is still alive to wreck other people's games and make money doing it.

Thanks for making golf fun again.

Best regards,
Blake N. - Hyde Park, NY

One More Point:

I'll tell you what...
Just for trying "The Dave Way" I'm going to give you a
100%, ironclad, money back guarantee
for a FULL 8 Weeks!

That's right. If you have not cured your slice using
"The Dave Way" steps and drills... I will give you a full refund,PERIOD! So there is no reason to let skepticism halt your choice to better your life as a golfer!

I personally know that anyone can put this system into action and turn a horrible swing into a truly remarkable one.

So what I'm saying is... don't decide now if this system is for you.
Just get it and try it out.

If it doesn't do everything I say and more,
if you don't correct your golf slice,
if your score card doesn't look any different,
if you feel that this system wasn't for you,
you have nothing to worry about because you
can get every dime of your money back
under my no-loopholes guarantee.
So you simply have nothing to lose!

Need More Proof?
Here's more Unsolicited emails
from "The Dave Way" system users:

You wanted more Unsolicited emails from "The Dave Way" golfers...
Well, here you go:

Subject: Just Couldn't believe it...

Its 7:10 pm on Monday the 12th and I am flabbergasted. I am 47, playing the 
game seriously for a year and a half, shoot in the 90's and have been dealing 
with a wicked slice off the tee since the very beginning. I hit my irons 
straight, even my three-wood, but the driver has been a complete mystery.

So, I'm at work today, browsing the net looking for tips on breaking down the 
slice and I stumble upon "The Dave Way." I never....and I mean NEVER believe
claims that are too good to be true, I moved on...came back to the 
site...moved on... came back and finally figured, "What the hell, I just dumped $54.00 this weekend to play out of the treeline on every hole."

I downloaded the book at 3:45 pm, read the book by 4:10 pm, left work at 4:25 
pm and was at the range at 5:00.

I practiced Tip #1 for a minute, to get loose, and teed it up. The first 
four balls were off the hosel and went left about 15 yards. Quick adjustment on 
my distance from the ball at address and made a couple more swings, pushing 
the next two balls to the right, but no sign of a slice.

Backed off, made a few practice swings incorporating Tip #2 and swung away. 
What came out of my mouth? A silent "HOLY S***!" The ball flew down the 
middle with an exaggerated draw! My mouth hung open in stunned silence, I NEVER draw the ball.

Teed it up again and... I was looking around to see if anyone had noticed. 
Another one striped down the middle with a slight draw. I started to keep 
track of the balls I hit. From 8 to 20 I drove the ball like I have never driven 
it before. Only twice during the first twenty did I slice, and both times I 
knew exactly what I had done wrong.

At twenty I sat down on the bench and watched others for 10 minutes. Then I 
stood up, just like I would on the first tee, looked down my line, addressed 
the ball and took it down the middle, Powder River! The ball bounced against 
the netting, 275+. Dave, no lie, I could barely contain myself. I wanted to 
jump up and down and holler at the top of my lungs!

Hit some more, the occasional mistake, but always knowing what I had done 
wrong, and it's something that won't happen often after I have had a chance to 
hit a few buckets. Of the last 20 balls, the two balls that didn't find the 
middle were blocked out right. The first certainly would have found the first 
cut of rough while the second would have been in the "treeline". But neither 
one was a slice! I just left them out. The other 18? They were jacked 
straight down the middle, sometimes with a mild draw at the end, nothing less than 255-260 yards, several more into the netting.

I don't need Tip #3, as thats not a problem for me, and I am looking forward 
to incorporating tip #4 after dialing in the first two.

I will be playing Wednesday afternoon and will check back with 
you on the results, but to be honest, I think I already know the outcome.

Thanks Dave, I can't wait to get to the course!

Michael L. - Lombard
, Illinios

To this day I still don't know what "Powder River" means...
but I am pretty sure it is a good thing. 

Subject: Your Book


It works! During Drill #1, I was able to hit the ball straight or with a
little draw. The Drill #2 tip works incredibly and adds power as well but mostly it was exhilarating to hit the ball straight and I began to think that I could do this each time with practice. Drill #3 was as you say in your book - it seemed to cement the lessons from Drill #1 & #2.

All this for $47? I pay $55 for a half hour golf lesson!  

Thanks Dave.

Richard D. - California, USA

The coolest thing about "The Dave Way" is that you
pick the combination that's right for you.
There are 4 exclusive steps and drills, but that doesn't mean
that it will take the entire system to fix your slice.
For some it's just #1 and #2, for others it's #1 and #4...
Heck, for some it's just #3.

I think you get my point... on to another email...

Subject: Thanks.

I have been using your method for about a month now and I can see a big difference. I am hitting the ball straight - I never used to hit the ball straight - and longer.

Thanks very much!

Trent W. - 
Lloydminster, Alberta, CA

Subject: Status Report


Well it is 6:51pm on Sunday. After years of pushing and slicing the ball, I discovered and purchased your "The Dave Way" 4 days ago. A few evenings after work I hit some practice nurf balls in the yard. 

Things seemed different. I usually shoot 84 to 90.

I played today with great anticipation. Going into the ninth hole I was even and bogied nine for a 37. I have never had a 37 before in my life (56 years old). The back nine I had a 43 for an 80.

Staying in the fairway helped a great deal. Even my irons are much straighter. After everyone else left, I played another nine holes and shot a 40.

Please accept my sincerest thanks for your program. I am looking forward to trying some your others programs as well and I very much enjoy the newsletter.

Charles H. - Alvord
, Texas

Subject: Follow-Up

Aloha, Dave,

Yesterday I read your ebook The Dave Way and hit two buckets of balls. Today, without hitting any balls, just practicing the drills for only 5 minutes I headed out to the golf course to see what would happen.


275 yards on #1, 210 (head wind), 230, 230, 240, 230 (pull, left rough), 299, 280 through the fairway into left rough on a dogleg right, 235, 205 (head wind), 225 and 290. Unless noted otherwise, all were dead solid perfect in the fairway. 

I'm delighted with the results after only two buckets of balls yesterday.

Before, I was very erratic: 270, 200, popup 150, left-right, OB left, water hazard right, same old sad story. 

And on my second shots, I got better results, making better contact and actually going to the back of the green with my irons, and flag high with my 3-Wood on second shots on par 5's. It's a great feeling and changes things enormously. Thanks for your assistance!

Big difference in my shotmaking. For the doubting Thomases from Missouri, your system really works!


George K. - Hawaii

After further correspondence with George, I learned he is in his 70's!!
Are you kidding me, 290... 299??? That's unreal!

Here's an update George sent me 4 days later!

Subject: Update

Hi Dave,

I broke 80 today for the first time in over a year, 79 on a par 70 course.

I had two shorter drives of 210, the rest were striped in the fairway. The ball was in the short grass the entire round.

Thanks to The Dave Way! 


These drills have made my golf game exciting once again!

Thank you very much,
Robert F.
 - Orcutt, CA (60 miles north of Santa Barbara)

Short and sweet, thanks Robert!
Re: Saved me $

Just wanted to tell you that you saved me about $270.00 today -

my son who is a 12 year old golfer who just made the varsity team in school suddenly developed a terrible slice - the more we tried to get rid of it the more the ball would slice -

my pro who charges $70.00 an hr couldn't squeeze us in for a lesson - an anti slice driver costs about $200.00 used -

I was lucky to happen upon your site - I down loaded your book -

I really didn't think it would work and made an appointment with another pro - halfway thru the 1st drill the slice was completely gone -

the ball was traveling straight -

I cancelled the $70.00 appointment and have stopped looking for a new club -

I can't believe it was that simple.
Rich S.
 - New York

Rich, I am glad to have helped!
I wish more folks would realize that I am not peddling some fly-by-night scam!
The system is designed to work right away.

I just looked at the folder I save emails from customers in...
and I realize I would be here all day posting their comments.

Take my word for it... 
there are tons more folks that have written me saying:

1. I Finally Hit It Straight
2. Thanks!!!

Here's How To Order:
Get the Entire ANTI-SLICE System Immediately...

Plus all the free bonuses...

Instant Download for $99.95
Scratch that and make it
only $47
(that's over 50% off if you purchase today)

Let's say you play once a week at around $40 a round...

that's over $2000 a year down the drain if you are playing with a slice.
At $47, "The Dave Way"  is a drop in the bucket
compared to the amount of money your wasting!

You don't think that 400 dollar driver is really going
to fix your slice... do you???

For the price of one round of golf you can make
each and every round worth playing again!
Invest in yourself!

Once your credit card is approved
you will be taken to a special download page
where you will download the ebook.
You can read "The Dave Way" on your computer or
you can print the system out and bind it.


JUST TO BE CLEAR: This is a digital e-product that you download to your system.
You can be on your way to straight golf shots in less than 2 minutes.

Still Not Convinced??

As of Tuesday September 13, 2016
"The Dave Way" has helped thousands of golfers
cure their slice since the systems launch in April 2004.

They are now hitting the ball down the middle and

scoring lower than they ever had prior to "The Dave Way".
Can you imagine yourself doing the same??
Don't be left behind... because there is absolutely NO reason to!

Here's the deal:

You spend more than 47 bucks on one golf outing...

I tell you what, if you are playing with a slice,

(and if I were you)
I would just stay at home for ONE golfing trip
and read this book...  then visit the range...

then go out the next time and play like you never have before.

Don't listen to me... listen to the folks that play better golf
since their decision to order "The Dave Way"...

Thanks again for stopping by...
and I wish you all the best in your golfing endeavors!

Creator of "The Dave Way"

OK, above was the original Sales Page for
"The Dave Way"
I hope you are PUMPED!
CLICK HERE to start reading the book,
you will not find any asking for money or email address or anything.
I hope you enjoy hitting straight again...
and feel free to tell your friends
about the book/website,
they can easily cure their slice for free as well.