Benefits of Playing a Slice

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Golf Slice Benefits - Before A Fix

Here are some of the rewards I earned from learning to play with a


I hardly ever broke 110. And when I did shoot in the 100’s or,
by some miracle, the 90’s I thought “It couldn’t get much better
than this!”


Since I was a master with my “banana” of a slice, I was losing
somewhere between 40 to 70 yards with my drives – 20 to 40
yards with my long irons – and 10 to 30 yards with my short
irons. Thank goodness my putts weren’t affected by my slice.


I was getting to the point where I could put the ball in the
fairway with my slice. But by some miracle, every once and a
while (maybe 1-2 times out of 10), I would hit the ball straight… or
at least straighter than normal.

This led to me hitting the ball out of bounds, in the woods, in the
water, or on another holes fairway. On average this would
happen about 10-15 times a round. I don’t even want to start
adding up the strokes I was throwing away. Needless to say, I
would not have called myself an accurate golfer.


I can’t explain to you the nervousness, angst, and
embarrassment that I felt before (and during) a round when
someone new was playing in our group.
If your reading this maybe I don't have to even explain this feeling.

When someone from work, church, or maybe a visiting family
member would play with me for the first time, I would make
jokes all day about my slice. I was hoping to make everyone
(including myself) feel a little more comfortable about my poor

But there’s no comfort when that new guy is blunt and cracks
on you in front of your friends. “Do you normally call fore before
you hit the ball?” As I aim at some folks on the fairway to the
left of us.

Now remember all these points:

We will take a look at these same aspects after you have completed
the “Steps & Drills” sections.

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