Benefits of Playing "The Dave Way"

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Having A Golf Swing Without A Slice

Here are some of the rewards you will earn from
learning to play “The Dave Way":


I can’t say for sure how many strokes you will drop with
“The Dave Way” system, but I can make an educated
guess based on what you currently shoot.

Current average score
(par 72)
Strokes you
should drop.
120+ 11 or more
110-119 8-14
100-109 8-12
95-99 7-10
90-94 6-10
85-89 6-9
80-84 4-7
79 or less 3-6

Of course, this table is for those that have practiced the drills at
the range a few times… it is not for someone that reads this
golf slice cure guide and then goes straight to the course.


After losing your slice, you will see a significant bump in your distance…
especially on your drives. I would say the average distance
gained on your drive will be 30 – 40 yards.

This figure could vary up and down based on how bad your golf slice
was that you are fixing with “The Dave Way”.


Needless to say, this is the reason you are probably reading this manual.

The success rate for this course is unbelievably high, but to be
honest I can’t give you any specific ratio of success.
The reason I can’t is because up to the time of this edition of the book
no one has ever told me that the system has not worked,
locally (where I live) or virtually (online).

The key to this system is taking the steps that work for you and
your swing and blocking all other thoughts out of your mind.

This will keep your drives in the short grass.


When I conquered my golf slice, I felt like I was king of the world.
Golf was awesome, golf was so fun!

When I stood over a golf ball with a club in my hand
I felt like I owned the ball, the club, and the course.

It was my game. You will feel the same way too.

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