My Little Demon

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The Demonic Golf Slice

Since the beginning of time there was the slice. And it was still there
when I picked up this sport.

I went on for years playing with a dreadful slice. At first I would aim 20
to 30 yards to the left of the left side of the fairway, constantly praying
that the attempt would make the right side of the fairway.

Eventually I would be able to put the ball in play using this pitiful
method, but this was only the foundation of my problem.

My slice (which I would ultimately dub “My Little Demon”) would grow
into a larger obstacle for me to overcome.

You see, creating a target line so far to the left of where a proper shot
should be aimed made me subconsciously believe that a slice was a
good thing. I continued to strengthen this belief by successfully
putting the ball in the fairway a few times each round.

As the years went by I started to think that this slice could even be a
positive aspect of my game. This is when “My Little Demon” would
start taking over my golfing life.

Over time I would continue to compensate for this poor golf swing.

This would force me to aim to the left a little more each round. I finally
realized my slice was out of control when I noticed I was lining up for
a shot up to 40 yards left of the fairway, no joke.

Before I cured my golf slice it was, no doubt,
the bane of my existence when I hit the range or course.

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