How to Cure your Slice in Minutes!

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"The Dave Way" - Focus Statement

The focus of this book is to create a concise, step-by-step guide to
defeating a golf slice through 4 unique drills and steps. This way the
reader can enjoy the game of golf while significantly lowering their
average score.


If you are reading this manual then there is no doubt you understand
the impact an awful slice can have on a round of golf.
The design of “The Dave Way” methodology is such that it takes the
least bit of effort and learning time and using that time to produce
dynamic results on the golf swing. Enabling you to eliminate a fade
from your swing altogether.

I ask that you read this entire book without skipping to the “Steps &
Drills” section. This will ensure that your mind is geared correctly for
the reception of the steps.
So please, no skimming. Read the entire book in order... from
beginning to end.

After reading this entire book, go back over the “Steps & Drills”
section with a golf club in one hand and a pencil and paper in the
other. You will want to practice the steps (and take notes) as you are
reading them. Be careful with the club while indoors.

There are many years of golfing anguish that have gone into “The
Dave Way”. So my aim is to make sure upon the completion of this
book (and the mastery of the steps contained within) you will elevate
your golf game to a level it has never achieved.
So get pumped up and say goodbye to your golf slice!

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