Golf Slice Cure Drill # 1

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Drill # 1 - “SLOW HOOKS"

First let’s create a proper address (or setup) to the golf ball.
We will use the same address for all the Steps & Drills.

Select your driver. All “The Dave Way” Drills were created for
the driver. Although “The Dave Way” will correct the slice for all
clubs, I know from trial and error… if you fix the slice with the
driver first - the other clubs follow suit.

• Tee up the ball so that the equator of the ball is almost even
with the top of your club face. I know this maybe a change for
some of you, but we can modify this later if need be. See
picture below.

Golf Slice Driver

• Make sure your feet are about shoulder width apart. See picture

• Make sure your shoulder line, shoe line, and target line are all
parallel with each other. See picture below.

• Here is an easy way to tell if the golf ball is the proper position
as it applies to distance from your body at address:

Hold your left arm out straight, away from your body,
perpendicular to the target line.
If you were to look overhead (over your left hand) down at the
ground, place a ball directly on that spot on the ground. Now
tee the ball up about twelve inches (away from your body) from
this spot. This would more than likely be an ideal position for
ball placement at address.

This is just an average as you may have to adjust this tip if you
are shorter than 5’ 9” or taller than 6’ 2”. See picture below.

Golf Swing Address Ball from Overhead

Now, I will describe the “SLOW HOOKS” drill.

On this drill you will perform the takeaway as normal.

So go ahead and take the clubhead back, away from the ball, and
stop the takeaway about 2 thirds of the way back. For “SLOW
HOOKS” you will not perform a full backswing… we will not bring the
clubhead all the way behind your head.

As you keep in mind the talk we had earlier about the inside out
swing path, go ahead and start your downswing toward the ball.

But at first, on your downswing, keep your power at about 60 to 70
percent of full power. We will do this so that we can concentrate on
making sure we get the drill down pat before we start increasing the

Here is the first KEY –

Your clubhead approach (or swing plane) should be well inside of a
normal / straight path.

In other words, when the club is about one foot from impact the
clubhead should be about 6 inches inside your imaginary target line
we discussed earlier.

Here is the second KEY –

You want the clubface to remain as square as possible to the target
line starting at least 6 inches behind the ball, before impact.

These 2 keys are illustrated in the picture below.

Golf Slice Drill 1 Keys

After you strike the ball, let the club release in the same line
out away from your body. See the picture below.

Drill 1 post-impact

As you can see from this picture, you will have to extend your arms
out away from your body on the follow through in order to comply with
my directions.

Instead of letting the club wrap back around your body on the follow
through, let’s just let the power tail off about 2 to 3 feet after you’ve struck the ball.

Our intention with Drill #1 is not to smash the ball 300 yards.

Our purpose, as stated above, is to create a hook out of a slow
swing, by using an inside-out swing path. The amount of power I
would like you to generate will only produce a shot of about 120 to
170 yards, depending on your strength and size.

On to Step 2, where we will start to generate straight golf shots.

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