Golf Slice Cure Drill # 2

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Drill # 2 - “BACK TO TARGET"

First, go ahead and setup to the ball using the same address
advice given at the beginning of Drill #1.

Now we are going to take a normal swing at the ball.

Do not try to hit the ball using the “SLOW HOOKS” drill
technique. Do not even think about Drill #1 while using Drill #2.
We are going to start your swing just as you normally would.
The take away should be nice and smooth.

If your swing tempo is normally very quick try not to go extremely fast
while pulling the clubhead back.

Now here is the key for this drill:

As you get to the top of your backswing, I want you to do your
to point your left shoulder towards the golf ball.

And the thought I would like you to have in your mind is that
you are turning your back toward the target… way off in the

If you are experiencing the Shoulder Alignment problem
described a minute ago it is very difficult to square your
shoulders to the golf ball at the very moment of impact,
especially if you have played for some time using this improper
swing pattern. Basically, if you have had a golf slice for a while,
this might feel pretty foreign to you.

So it might take a few swings to get used to, but don’t worry,
this drill is not intended to be your actual swing when you get
on the course.

This drill (just like Drill #1) is used only to overcome bad habits
and help you realize the cause of your slice, thereby letting you
eliminate it from your game.

So here is your thought process for “BACK TO TARGET”:

1. Pull the clubhead back as you normally would, along your
normal swing plane.

2. When you are at the top of your take away, do your best
to turn your back to the target.

3. At the same time, try to get the feeling that your
left shoulder is virtually pointing at the golf ball.

4. On the downswing, swing at a slower tempo than normal.
Start at about 40% power.

5. After every 5 to 10 balls hit using the drill, speed up your
swing until you are about at 80% power.

Although the above description of Drill #2 is nice and short,
it is a critical part of correcting your golf slice.

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