Golf Slice Cure Drill # 3

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Drill # 3 - “STRAIGHT ARMS"

Ok, ok... the drill title is not that flashy. Believe me I tried to
come up with something real witty, but the bottom line is that
this title best describes the drill.

But here’s the deal, although I still consider this drill “simple and
easy to learn” there are a of couple nuances that you must get
down for the drill to be effective. That being said, if you have
already practiced the first 2 drills, then more than likely your
golf slice could already gone.

Even if that is the case I would still like you to continue to
practice “STRAIGHT ARMS” because it tends to lock the first 2
steps in place, letting you enjoy much more prolonged success
with this system. It also adds a great bit of distance to your new
golf swing.

First, go ahead and setup to the ball using the same address
advice given at the beginning of Drill #1.

Now I’d like you to take a look at the picture below.

Golf Swing Slice Adress - front view

What I’d like you to take notice of is how the arms are perfectly
straight at address.

Now go ahead and take the club back on a normal path. While
we are learning “STRAIGHT ARMS” I would like you to turn
your torso away from the target. This will make you twist at the
waist a little. That’s okay because we want you to incorporate
the “BACK TO TARGET” Drill.

With the first couple of swings, I would like for you to take the
club back very slowly. I want you to concentrate on keeping
your elbows and wrists as stiff as possible.

I don’t want them locked completely. I just want you to focus on
keeping your elbows as straight as possible.

Then you will notice (even with your back to the target) that
there is a point in which the club cannot go further back until
you bend your right elbow. This point is about 1/3 of the way

I want you to start letting the swing bend your right arm. Let it
happen naturally, DO NOT force this bend. While you are still
going back, continue to keep your left elbow straight.
See the picture below.

Golf Slice Drill 3 - straight arms

Notice the left arm is completely straight.

Notice the back is to the target.

And something I haven’t mentioned yet, notice the right elbow is
bent, but it is pointing to the ground.

This is a gigantic key, and it accomplishes the following:

#1 Getting your swing into the “Power Channel”.
#2 Keeping your shot straight.
#3 Because your swing is in the “Power Channel” you can gain
an immense amount of distance.

Here is a good tip to making sure that when you bend your right
elbow (at the top of the backswing) it is not in an incorrect position.

Go ahead and setup. Take a slow
backswing, and just before you start to
come back to the ball (at the top of your
backswing) freeze and take a look at
your elbow. Where is it? Is it pointing
away from your body?

If you made an imaginary line from your
right shoulder, following down your arm
and through your right elbow, the line
should hit the ground no more than 2 to 3
feet from your right foot.

This is not softball or baseball, and you
shouldn’t have your elbow way up in the
air. It should be as close to your rib cage
as you can possibly have it, while still
feeling like you are making a comfortable

Now that we know how to take the club back and what position
our arms and elbows should be in, let’s start the downswing.

Side note:
Since we incorporated the “BACK TO
TARGET” Drill on the backswing, let’s recall
what Step #1 (THE PATH) taught us about
coming into the golf ball from the inside.

While coming back into the ball you will notice that your right
elbow naturally straightens itself out by the time you make
impact with the ball. This is fine, but do your very best to keep
your left arm as straight as possible before the point of impact.

At the exact second you hit the ball you should have both arms
straight, just as you did at address. See picture below.

Golf Swing at Impact - no slice arms

After you have struck the ball (on the follow through) your right
arm will become the straight one.

You will also notice your left elbow will start to bend just after
contact. This is okay.

After you are a foot or two past the point of impact, you cannot
do anything to affect your ball flight. It is on its way, and if you
have nailed down The Dave Way drills, it’s on its way right
down the middle of the fairway. Not only should your golf slice
be cured, your distance should have increased a great deal as well.

Before we move on to our fourth and final Step and Drill I ask
that the first few times you hit the range after reading “The
Dave Way”, you concentrate exclusively on the first 3 Drills.

This is because it takes a seasoned “The Dave Way” swing,
completely free of a golf slice, to be able to handle the skill it takes
to master number 4, and then work it into a full power swing.

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