Golf Slice Cure Drill # 4

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Drill # 4 - “WRIST ROLL"

As I just mentioned, the fourth Drill takes some extra practice,
and with the first 3 drills you have more than enough to
pound your drives straight. No golf slice, what-so-ever.

In fact, you might consider not even trying this fourth drill.

Now that you understand how to hit the ball straight,
we are going to work on a very minute part of the golf swing.

The “WRIST ROLL” changes will start to take place about
6 inches before contact and the “rolling” will end somewhere
around 2 to 3 inches after impact.

First I am going to show you a picture of the drill,
then we will discuss.

Golf Slice Drill 4 - wrist roll

The first set of arms were photographed when the clubhead
was about 6-8 inches from impact.

The middle set was photographed about 2-3 inches before impact.

And the last photo was snapped about 2 inches after impact.

Now that wrist watch was worn for a reason, so take notice.

Do you see how at first the watch
(and the flat / top part of the left wrist)
is pointing more toward the ball, and then in the last photo
the watch is pointing at the target.

You can also see the roll by looking at the right thumb.
Note the thumb position in the first set of arms in the photo,
now look at the second set of arms, and finally the third.

See how the right wrist is rolling over the top of the left wrist?
That is the roll we are trying to achieve!

Keep in mind that the wrists and arms are still perfectly straight
as we learned in “STRAIGHT ARMS”. Even though we are
rolling the wrists, we are not bending or cocking them in any way.

Now remember, you need to do all this in a span of less than a foot.
This becomes a tough proposition when you tweak your
swing up to full power.

However I have full confidence that if you have grasped
“The Dave Way” system, and you are driving straight with no slice,
this “Distance Drill” will add monster yardage to your golf shots,
especially your drives.

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