“The Dave Way” Steps & Drills

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Here we go! The nitty-gritty. “The Dave Way” Steps & Drills section.
This is where you need to really focus and get motivated
because your ARE about to correct your golf slice.

Here we will:
1. Describe each step
2. Explain how it relates to one of the major flaws
3. Go over the drill that defeats each flaw

As I described in the Focus Statement at the beginning of the
book, the purpose of this manual is to be a concise, step-by-step
guide targeted at defeating a golf slice.

As I described in the Focus Statement at the beginning of the
book, the purpose of this manual is to be a concise, step-by-step
guide targeted at defeating a golf slice.

Therefore, we will not be going too deep into all the scientific
parameters of every step and every drill: clubface friction, clubface
loft ramifications, the affects of negative and proper ball spin, etc.
I think after you practice “The Dave Way” Drills
(and correct your slice) you will care less about that stuff.

Our main goal is to take all those previously mentioned flaws and blow
them to bits or at least tame them by combining the flaw with one
of “The Dave Way” drills… thereby creating a median between the
two and creating a swing that will drive the ball straight.

As I mentioned in the Introduction, if you are practicing these Drills
indoors please be careful.

After I explain all the drills, I suggest you take a blank index card
or blank sheet of paper and write down the first three steps and a
brief account on how to do them. But take these notes down after
you have read through the entire section first. Do not worry about
taking notes or anything like that at this time.

Just read through the entire section and then go over the drills
again if your reading environment allows you to practice them with
a club.

Step # 1

Understanding the benefits
of an inside - out swing path
and the effect this path has
on the ball.

I would guesstimate that 90 percent of slicers out there are severely crippled by an outside – in swing path. This would be the “Wide Impact Angle” flaw we went over a little earlier.

See the picture to the right… the outside – in swing path is in red.
Bad Golf Slice Path

And if you are in this 90 percent majority then Drill #1 is
probably going to make you feel like you hit the lottery!

Drill # 1 is going to be totally centered around flipping this
impact angle. This means we will be changing the swing path
from this:

Golf Swing Slice Divot

To this:

Inside-Out Golf Swing

By changing your swing path to the one in the second picture the
clubface will strike the back, left quadrant of the golf ball.

You see, the flawed impact angle creates a clockwise spin on the
ball which, in turn, usually causes a brutal slice to occur.

Drill # 1 is going to enable us to generate a counterclockwise spin,
thereby producing a heavy right to left boomerang ball flight…
better known as a hook.

Now, I’m sure you are asking, “Why the heck is Dave trying to
create a hook out of this drill?”

When I first started creating “The Dave Way” I was amazed at the
amount of slicers that did not even know that they could work the
ball into a right to left ball flight… they did not think it was possible
that their swing could ever create a draw.

In fact, I’d say that most of my original “The Dave Way” test subjects
became extremely excited when their ball was hooking for the first
time in their lives.

The reason I want Drill #1 to have you hooking the ball is because:

Number 1 – this drill is going to ingrain a proper swing path into
your muscle memory…
Number 2 – the drill develops a new outlook on a golf shot… an
outlook that basically says “I am in control. I can hook you if I’d like to.”
and finally
Number 3 – once you master this drill it will fit nicely with your
natural / original swing path, which is outside – in. When you get
on the course, even if the Wide Impact Angle pops up, the
combination of this flaw and the Drill #1 thought process will still
produce a straight golf shot.

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