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Step # 2

Recognizing the significance
that proper shoulder alignment (throughout the swing) plays in achieving a straight golf shot.

Before we take on Drill #2, I would like to briefly explain what
the statement above means, in terms of correcting a golf slice.

First, let’s mention again how you can find out if you have
Untimely Shoulder Alignment.

You have Untimely Shoulder Alignment if:
1. Your shoulder and address lines are not parallel at
address... while you are totally still.
2. Your shoulder line is not parallel with your target line
at impact.
3. Your right shoulder is any closer to the ball than your
left shoulder at the moment of impact.

Most slicers commonly let their shoulders and arms get way out
in front of the club. At the point in which the shoulders are
square to the ball the clubface has not yet struck the ball.

At the point in which the clubface actually makes contact with
the ball, your chest is pointing in front of the ball, rather than at it.

If you do this your body has been put into what we call an
“open” state. This would be another giant reason for your slice.

Understanding the value of proper shoulder alignment is a
critical step eliminating this “open” state from your golf swing.

You see, when you strike the ball and your body is in the “open”
state, it causes the clubface to slide across the back of the ball
from right to left. And this puts a funky clockwise spin on the
ball… which (as mentioned before) causes a left to right ball
flight, in other words - a golf slice, banana fade, whatever, not good.

Drill #2 is going to take care of this problem after being
incorporated with the other “The Dave Way” steps.

So let’s get to it.

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