“The Dave Way” Steps & Drills

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Step # 4

Developing an additional
power source after the perfect
“The Dave Way” swing has
been achieved.

I am going to start off by saying this last step is not for

If you are going to attempt to practice this drill you must have
the first three steps and drills down pat before proceeding.

This would mean you are already driving the ball straight, you
have gained a great deal of distance, and your average score is
considerably lower. Your golf slice should be cured.
If these factors describe your new golf game
then you can try to move on to Drill #4.

If you do not heed this advice you could easily go from having a
golf slice to developing a, just as annoying, golf hook
(heavy right to left ball flight) and ruin all the work you have
done to achieve straight golf shots.

This will more than likely frustrate you to death and make you
feel that your practice, your work was a waste of time.

Be Warned.

The key to this “Power Drill” is all in the wrists.

It is an ever-so-slight rotation of wrists. In this drill you will learn
to rotate your right wrist over your left wrist in a counter-clockwise
fashion just before and then through impact.

I created this final drill because I wanted to give “The Dave Way” students
a chance (after successfully mastering the original system) to go really long
even if they were not some huge football player or weight lifter looking guy.

It is what I like to call the “Distance Drill”.

Again, I have to stress that your golf slice should be
fully corrected well before attempting this drill!

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