Golf Swing Thought Processes

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Ridding Your Golf Slice From Each Swing

Now that you have solid knowledge to go out and defeat your
golf slice, I want us to zoom in on your head, and make sure
that you have the right mindset for each and every shot.

In this section, I want to go over a few thoughts that you should
use when you hit the course. I know a lot of folks will just skip
this section now that they hit it straight with “The Dave Way”,
but I ask that you do not skip this section, under any circumstances.

I think this section is probably the most important part of the
entire system, and I need you to totally submit to what I am
about to instruct you to think and feel throughout your next round.

First let’s go over the thought process that you should have just
before every shot. These thoughts will reinforce what you
learned in “The Dave Way” Drills.

“Shot Thought Process (long)”
1. Pick a target.
2. Tee it a little high.
3. Setup to the ball.
4. Straight arms on the way back.
5. Back to target at the top of the backswing.
6. Straight arms on the way down.
7. Follow an inside to outside swing path.
8. Think “Hit the ball straight”.

Here is a short version for the same process;
it’s the same one I use today.

“Shot Thought Process (short)”
1. Straight arms.
2. Back to target.
3. Inside-Out

Now I would like to give you a few thoughts for the time that you
are between shots; when you are riding or walking to your next shot.

1. Whether the last shot was good or bad it does not matter,
this next shot is what counts.

2. Think course management. If you’ve had a bad shot,
sometimes the best play is to be in play.

Don’t force yourself into worse situations by being stupid.

3. What is the right club for this shot? I personally hit an 8 iron
about 150 yards, but if it’s a cold day or maybe I’m sore for
some reason, it might take an extra club to get to the goal.
Just because you normally hit a club X number of yards
does not mean that is the perfect club every time.

Look at your distance from the previous shots that day.

Are you hitting the ball the right distances, or are you long or short?
Adjust your club selection accordingly.

4. Be realistic. If you have never been able to hit a wood off the
fairway, don’t consistently pull out your 3 wood on a par 5 for
your second shot. Pull out a 5, 6, or 7 iron. Hit it right down
the middle and set up an easy wedge into the green.

5. No matter how your round is going, have a good time. Period.

Always keep in mind that you are not playing this sport to
support your family, you are playing to enjoy life and have fun.

Keep your frustration at bay. Believe me, “The Dave Way” will
help you do that, but you still may miss a putt or have a bad
shot here or there. Just pick up and move on.

The best golfers have a good time and don’t let themselves get
too excited with a great shot or too ticked-off with a bad one.

Before your first visit to the range, you should take a blank index card
and jot down the first 3 Steps & Drills, along with some notes
to help you remember exactly how to practice, and keep
your former golf slice cured from your new swing.

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